Barga is a Canadian-wide Insurance Salvage auctioneer that allows consumers to bid on an endless supply of great items from lake-life necessities to furniture and more! 

Need to replace parts on some of your current equipment? Looking for quality machinery that needs a bit of fixing? Interested in salvage in general? Barga is the place for you. In this blog, we will roll out the benefits of choosing insurance salvage.

What Is Insurance Salvage?

What happens to all the things written off when you make an insurance claim? Insurance companies sell those items that are still in usable condition to do-it-yourselfers like you! These items can range from furniture to farm equipment and everything in between. At Barga, we believe these items shouldn’t end their lives in a dump, as they are still in excellent condition. Insurance salvage is your way to re-purpose insurance items for your next great project! 

Whether you’re restoring a classic car, fixing your tractor, or looking to utilize computer equipment to build your next gaming PC, we have you covered with coast-to-coast salvage.

When an assessment shows that an item is more expensive to repair than replace, insurance companies will classify those items as salvage. Insurance salvage items can vary in their state of repair, so bidders need to read carefully through the detailed descriptions provided on each item up for auction. 


Reuse, reduce, and recycle are our mottos! 

industrial recycling and salvage

A common misconception regarding insurance salvage is that the item has been damaged beyond repair. The truth is that insurance companies will often write a vehicle or piece of equipment off as part of a larger settlement; this means that you can get high-quality items for less! These items are often in great working condition or are perfect for upcycling and parts. By bidding online for insurance salvage, you’re helping keep items out of landfills by extending their life cycle! 

Insurance salvage is great for Canadian do-it-yourselfers! 

Many people think that insurance salvage is scrap, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Vehicles, heavy-duty equipment, tools, and electronics written off and labelled as salvage can still be in good working condition and still have many usable parts. This spells savings and profits for those interested in collecting parts or fixing and flipping bigger ticket items!

If you love DIY, bidding on Barga is an excellent way to find your next project! 

How does Barga help insurance companies sell salvage? 

We have created an easy-to-use online auction and bidding system that allows you to bid on items from insurance companies across Canada. Our platform is so easy to use that you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. If you’re ready to learn how to bid, we can help get you started! 


Online insurance auctions can save you money! 


When purchasing salvage items from Barga, one of the most significant up-sides is that you can get electronics, machinery, vehicles, commercial equipment, farm equipment, heavy equipment, household items, and recreational vehicles for much less money. This is a dream come true for the mechanically inclined, the tinkerers, and hobbyists. Perhaps an important vehicle in your fleet needs a new part. Rather than ordering the new part, paying an arm and a leg, and waiting significantly longer for the part, you can pull it out of your salvaged purchase, saving you time and money.

Salvage equals savings.


From farmers to computer geeks & artists to architects and everyone in between––we’ve got an auction for you! 

From every angle, insurance salvage equals savings for farmers, mechanics, enthusiasts, business owners, and more. With auctions going live every second Thursday, new and exciting items are up for bidding. For questions about Barga, insurance salvage, or how to start bidding, get in touch with us! We’re here to help.