Barga has been working with the Trusted Marketing Services team to create a brand new auction website!

Welcome to Barga's New Auction Website selling salvageThey also created our new logo and new look!

This website has many more resources that our previous website and we will be keeping you informed and updated whether you are a buyer or a seller!

Not sure how our process works? Check out How to Barga 

Wonder what kind of Insurance salvage items we sell? Check out more details on Insurance salvage here 

Barga came into existence when it was realized that this closed market was no longer acceptable for several companies who developed a business plan of being more open and accountable to the general public. An open competitive salvage system was required and thus developed. Barga came into existence in 2008 and has served many satisfied buyers and sellers and will continue to do so in the future. Barga is here to stay!

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Welcome to Barga's New Auction Website selling salvage

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