Raise your hand if you’ve ever attempted a DIY project! Many people looking for new projects or fixer-uppers often don’t consider looking outside the want ads on Kijiji, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace. There are many more options on the internet for parts and projects, like Barga Salvage! The benefits of DIY projects are more than just a finished product, and here’s why.


Insurance salvage can give high rewards for lower costs.

Insurance Salvage is a resource often overlooked. Paying high prices for new and used equipment is often out of budget range and makes some projects inaccessible. With insurance salvage, you can find machinery with good working parts and accessories for a fraction of the cost. Some items come in better condition than others—it’s all up to the insurance adjuster to deem the product worthy or not to be fixed by the insurance company.


Salvage auctions offer important benefits to the health of our environment.


With insurance salvage, not only are you getting a great deal on parts or pieces you can turn into something better, you’re also helping the recycling process by skipping the landfill! Plastics, metals, and glass products make up over 25% of Canada’s annual waste, and insurance salvage is one way to help offset this statistic and support environmental sustainability.


Take a boat, for instance—if you’ve wanted to find a way to escape the family for a day or spend some bonding time with your kids—get started on a boat project that gets you out of the house and onto the water, for a fraction of the price! At Barga, we host auctions on everything from recreational vehicles to diamonds, D8 cats to furniture, and more! 


4 tips for making your DIY project easier:


1. Know the ins and outs of the project you want to accomplish

-Do you have the right tools for the project? 

-Do you have the right space to make the project work?

2. Do your research

-For larger projects with specific parts (such as farm equipment, machinery, computers, or recreational vehicles), learn about potential substitutes for branded components so that you can upgrade without the hassle.

3. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way

-It’s okay if something goes wrong—salvage auctions make everything more financially friendly. Remember, it’s the journey, not the destination.

4. Don’t limit yourself

-Salvage items aren’t limited in their potential! Anyone can use anything to make something cool! Whether you’re restoring an object as is or building an art project from scrap metal, there is something to satisfy. 


Start your DIY project today by bidding with Barga Auctions! 


Whether you’re a seasoned flipper, a mechanical repairman, or a newcomer looking for a new project, the options are endless for finding the right item for your next DIY adventure through Barga Auctions. Read our handy blog to learn how to start bidding!