Salvage & Loss Types

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What Is Salvage?

The word salvage may bring to mind scrap iron, but at it means Bargain. Insurance companies assess the repairability of damaged items and if not feasible at retail prices, the item is written off.  These items become salvage and various types are found on

Our bidding site has the following types of items:

  • Automotive Equipment
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Electronics
  • Farm Equipment
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Household Items
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Tools

Lucky for you, insurance companies now offer these items to the general public by way of online auction –!

The Barga Solution is an agent of sale on behalf of Canadian Insurance Companies who use the auction platform for the dispersal of salvage items.

The items listed on the auction pages represent the information received by the respective insurance company representative. The information is then displayed on the auction site so you have all the information you need prior to placing your bid. Should you have any questions regarding any of the items up for bid, please contact us at or 1-306-220-4660.

Barga is the environmentally friendly and sustainable option for salvage dispersal, keeping salvage items from being thrown away and filling up our landfills. Instead, these still usable items are given a new life and recycled for sale through our online auction!

Did You Know?

New featured items are added to our Timed Auctions on a daily basis with a closing sale every second week. Keep up to date with the latest bargains by registering for

Types of Loss

It’s unfortunate, but accidents happen and property gets damaged. Wind, hail, water, and fire are the most common types of insurance incidents, along with vandalism and theft.

Should such a loss occur, the goods now considered damaged are sold through, the online auction solution. is an affordable option if you’re after those large ticket items like vehicles, heavy equipment, or recreational vehicles. You never know what you’ll find at!



Fire Damage

Flood Damage

Wind and Hail

Theft Recovery

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