We would like to thank all of our Barga members for your amazing support this past year, we truly appreciate your interest in our site.  In the spirit of the holiday season we are reaching out to give back to children who live in constant poverty and unrest, in the form of a gift box.  Samaritan’s Purse International Canada.

This season we are focusing on Operation Christmas Child -Gift Box.  This is a shoebox gift for a child in need filled with treasures, at the cost of only $40.00.  This is where we are asking for your help to make not only a few, but possibly hundreds of children around the world find hope.

Starting today, November 15th, 2017 until December 22nd 2017, with every gift box that is donated by one of our members or non-members, we will match your donation in the form of another gift box.  Operation Christmas Child - Samaritan's Purse


How will we know to match your gift?   When you donate, you have the option of receiving an “electronic honour card”.   Please select this option.

Once you have received your honour card,  email the card to admin@barga.ca and we will match your donation!

We trust with your help, we can make hundreds of less fortunate children receive a much needed gift filled with hope and love.

Please click on this link and it will take to the appropriate page on Samaritan’s Purse

The Amazing Journey of a Shoebox Gift Begins with You!