Automotive Salvage

At Barga, we have numerous types of highway vehicles with a wide range of application up for auction. Salvage vehicles are all victims of various types of losses. All affected by collision, fire, hail, theft or otherwise, interested buyers can bid from any corner of the world. Buyers can collect details about the vehicles using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). On the auction page, there are vehicle details about the make model and description of the damage. Bidders can select a vehicle of their choice, refer to the details and check out the images before placing a bid.

The Barga Solution is an agent of sale on behalf of Canadian Insurance Companies who use the auction platform for the dispersal of salvage items. The items listed on the auction pages represent the information received by the respective insurance company representative. The information is then displayed on the auction site enabling you to consider the same prior to placing your bid. Should you have any questions regarding any of the items up for bid, please contact us at or 1-306-220-4660.

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