If your interested in bidding, but your not quite sure how to go about it… Here is some information to help step you through the process. (we have attached images to help)
1) Go to the bidding platform: link here: http://bid.barga.ca/

2) Register ! (it is located on the left hand panel of www) or direct link here: https://bid.barga.ca/Registration.taf?t=n
You will receive an email from us shortly after registering with your log-in details.

3) Log-in: Locate the Log-in button on the auction platform. Link here: https://bid.barga.ca/Logon.taf

4) Once you are logged in, you will see the various categories of salvage on the left hand panel, or you can simply scroll through all items listed.

5) Once you are on an item you would like to bid on – (for example the image attached shows a fridge) find the minimum bid location and place your bid. If you want any answers on a particular item look for the “details” tab and you can then email your questions.

6) Take note of when the item will begin to close – in this case it is March 8th at 6:00 – check before the auction ends to see if you have been outbid then stay online at 6:00 in order to place another bid if someone outbids you.

7) If you win the bid – we will send you an invoice, once payment is processed we contact the insurance company, find out the details on location and you can either pick it up, or hire a courier to pickup for you and deliver the goods. Shipping is additional cost to the courier.


Note: For further help, please visit these 2 linkshttps://barga.ca/how-to-barga/   &  !http://bid.barga.ca/Help.taf

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