When you are new to an on-line auction bidding platform, it can be slightly confusing. We provide regular posts with help and advice, enjoy our latest Barga tip.

Barga.ca created this short video to help potential buyers register to bid and log- in.

In this Barga Tip we also share:

  • Navigation tips, such as location of the salvage items at a glance, or within a listing.
  • What tab to select when you would like to ask a question on any particular item, etc.

Recently we have had a number of questions and enquiries on the Barga.ca Facebook page. We try and be as responsive as we possible, however if the enquiry is requesting additional details on a particular item then you will need to register with us. After registration, you will receive an email from us with your password.  Go back to the bidding platform , sign in, and select the item you have a question on.  Select “how to” (located just under the product name).  It is here where you can email us your questions. At this point, we will contact the seller with your question, getting back to you once we have the answer.

Please watch this short video- we hope it helps !