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Where We Started started from a need to sell salvage by insurance adjusters. Direct sales to preferred and limited contacts was previously accepted by insurance companies and the purchase of salvage went to a very limited market making it impossible for you, the general public to access the items. is proud to provide an environmentally sustainable option for salvage dispersal. We are keeping usable items from filling up our landfills and offering them for sale instead! Even items that aren’t usable as a whole can quite often be used for parts.

Barga Is Growing! came into existence to fill a void in the insurance salvage market. The old market way of selling salvage no longer meets claims audits and is not acceptable for several insurance companies who have made a commitment to being more open and accountable to the general public and their customers.

An open competitive salvage system was required and thus developed. came into existence in 2008 and has over 8500 registered user and has seen nearly 100,000 bids, with those numbers growing by the day.

Barga is Environmentally Friendly!

Barga keeps salvage items from being thrown away and filling up our landfills. Instead, these still usable items are given a new life and recycled for sale through our online auction!

Did You Know?

A new auction starts every second week with new featured items up for sale. Keep up to date with the latest bargains by registering for!

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