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Barga.ca is a Canadian online auction website. We provide an online auction showroom for a wide variety of insurance salvage items. These items come from Canadian insurance companies, who are now making them available to the general public via Barga.ca. Registration is free and easy!

What kind of items do we auction at Barga.ca?

Items up for auction vary from heavy equipment, recreation vehicles, farming and agricultural equipment, office equipment and jewelry, and everything in between! You can browse, bid and buy a bargain online through our LIVE bi-weekly auctions.

Are the auction items new and in good condition?

The items we auction are insurance salvage. This means they come from claims due to situations such as fire, flood or theft for example. Many of these items are in great condition, some are slightly damaged and others are just useful for parts. All damage is fully disclosed on the item description and you can contact our team if you have any questions.

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Featured Products

Hot Tub Time Machine??

Maybe this Aruba Serenade 1250 Hot Tub won’t let you go back to change your past, but it COULD let you relax enought to forget about it… cover included. See link for more details.

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Granary 6265 bu Bins

2016 Granary Bins with wind damages.

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